Online Earning Guy is an online resource run by me (Shahriar Kabir). I love to teach people online proven business strategies so they can start their own online business or scale there existing business.
I help people create kick ass online businesses that take their life to the next level! From lead generation, affiliate marketing to creating Shopify stores I lead their business to success! I run multiple online businesses that have generated over 7 figures.
Online earning guy

I used to be dead broke… Literally so broke I couldn’t go out on the weekends. I was driving a Digger for someone in a dead end 9-5 Job. I hated it and i wanted change so Bad! I first started online back when I had no idea what I was doing, I was searching for the answers just like you are right now.

I first started off making little websites and ranking them in Google. These were called micro niche sites and I would make money off people clicking on the ads on my site.

I made money but it wasn’t much at all.

Next, I tried Facebook paid advertising and I actually made some good money. I was advertising affiliate products. Affiliate products are products you get a commission from.Now that was great but then the affiliate program shut down! I was back to square one at this point. Then came alone Shopify and drop shipping! So back in 2015 I posted a Youtube video about this new business strategy and is absolutely blew up! This thing went viral racking in over 300000 views. This was it the game was changed forever! Not just for me but I changed many lives and I will show you some results very soon.

So at this point, I started getting into e-commerce and what we were doing was creating Shopify stores then drop shipping products from overseas and using Facebook ads to get traffic.

Drop shipping is when you sell someone a product and your supplier sends it out without you even touching it.So, I started doing this myself creating multiple very successful stores then started teaching other people how to do the same thing.

I then created a training course called eCom Elites and a Shopify theme called eCom Turbo that helps stores boost sales. I’ve created this because I can’t fit all the information on this page and plus this is suppose to be about the blog right? So if you want to get into something like this click the link below and it will be sent right to your inbox for FREE! No cost, nothing at all.

From this awesome business model and other sources of income I’ve been able to create a lifestyle on my own terms. I have no boss, I have no job. I have my freedom and I travel all over the world with my laptop working online.

My other sources of income include property investing. That’s kind of a job I guess! Looking for good rentals sucks but once you find the good ones then it’s worth it. If you want to start a business online is the best option!

Now, what can you expect from this blog? Awesomeness! No, seriously I write all my own content and that’s what makes me different. 99% of blogs out there today just hire ghostwriters. A ghostwriter is someone that writes for them.

I on the other hand write everything myself because I love to be authentic and keep the flow going without changing the flow of the blog.

Now I want to help you create an online business so make sure you sign in for the free course above and whats the will do it put you into my newsletter so you will get updates from this blog.

Now about pages are actually suppose to be short so let’s end this here. I know you have some reading to do on the blog and I don’t want to hold you up. Chat soon!